Concrete Slab Jacking

If you have sinking pieces of concrete around your home or office, you may worry that you’ll need to replace and repair all the concrete in the area. However, concrete slab jacking may be a faster, more affordable alternative.

Similar to the way a dentist fills the cavity in a tooth, concrete slab jacking works by drilling a hole in your concrete, and then filling the area underneath with sturdier material to account for loose dirt or settling that occurs over time. Then, the small hole is repaired and the concrete works like new.  We do have a special coring bit for nearly invisible repair once finished.

There are many benefits to the concrete slab jacking process:

Concrete slab jacking is faster – replacing an entire sidewalk or driveway, for example, could take a whole day. Most slab jacking jobs can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Slab jacking is more affordable – naturally, another benefit of this faster service is a lower cost, since fewer materials and working hours are involved.

Slab jacking is durable – if you find a vendor who does the job right, you shouldn’t have any more problems with your concrete for a long time.

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